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Dear reSource.
It has been a pleasure to meet u last time and it is a pleasure to notice
how the website is developing according to what we discussed.
Thank you Helena!***

Im already posting on it and it feels pretty easy...I still have to enter
details and take sometime to post some articles and various contents other
than my program at Liebig12.

By the way, yesterday I have been to the meeting of Netzwerk Freier
Berliner Projekträume und initiativen, that seems to work very well,
following the same approach we did adopted, meeting once a months to
discuss further moves.
Here the link again


As Christian de Lutz introduced it at our last meeting, perhaps some of you
still dont know it or didnt focused much on their activities....They are
also planning  a large event that might be open to involve many of our
spaces and I suggested them to keep updated regarding our moves as well
relating to the reSource and to tbaberlin.de.
Many of them didnt know much about tbaberlin.de and the current evolution
of the reSource network but did show a lot of interest about it.

So...so far so good.

Looking forward to meet u again.


2013/4/24 Tatiana Bazzichelli <tbazz at transmediale.de>

> Dear Melanie and Pierre,
> a really great summary of the discussion! Thanks a lot, this will help to
> develop the next steps very much.
> I would add on the summary the offer of Public Art Lab to host the next
> reSource network meeting in May, which I introduced to you at the end of
> the last meeting.
> Perhaps the friends of Public Art Lab would like to add something more
> about the next initiative (date, format, address, etc.)?
> All the best,
> Tatiana
> On 23/04/2013 21:59, Art Claims Impulse wrote:
>> Dear reSource community,
>> it was a pleasure hosting the reSource meeting at Art Claims Impulse on
>> 17.04.2013.
>> Please find below the minutes.
>> Here is link to the pictures on our facebook page:
>> https://www.facebook.com/**pages/Gallery-Art-Claims-**
>> Impulse/211922038929184?hc_**location=stream<https://www.facebook.com/pages/Gallery-Art-Claims-Impulse/211922038929184?hc_location=stream>
>> Best wishes and looking forward to the next meetings,
>> Melanie and Pierre
>> Art Claims Impulse
>> Contemporary Fine Arts
>> Lübbener Str. 5
>> 10997 Berlin
>> www.art-claims-impulse.com
>> *reSource Meeting 17.04.2013 @ Art Claims Impulse*
>> The meeting was attended by 30 reSource members to discuss the recent
>> developments which evolved out of the network, as well as thoughts
>> related to ways of organizing joint activities and communicating them
>> inside the network and with the public.
>> The evening started with a presentation of the TBA Berlin website
>> http://www.tbaberlin.deby Helena Lingor (h.lingor at gmx.de
>> <mailto:h.lingor at gmx.de>) and Larissa Wunderlich
>> (info at larissawunderlich.de <mailto:info@**larissawunderlich.de<info at larissawunderlich.de>>)
>> who
>> reported that the site is registered now and the name – Technology Based
>> Art Berlin – was voted as one of several name options. Helena presented
>> the structure and setup of the website. Larissa presented different
>> options for the look and design of the page.
>> The TBA Berlin site is to serve as a network for artists, curators and
>> individuals related to the field of technology-based art in Berlin. It
>> is conceived to serve as an open project and offers an infrastructure to
>> exchange and interact internally as well as with the public.
>> The site has a calendar for events, and it features the spaces run by
>> the members. Registered individuals and spaces can create their
>> profiles, log events, and create a blog within the network. The site
>> also features a user and content search and the members and their
>> profiles can be seen publicly.
>> A fine feature is the poll which can be used to enquire about different
>> questions that the members find useful to discuss and get insight on.
>> The site also offers a forum platform to discuss art and conceptual
>> cooperation projects and ideas, including those related to evolving TBA
>> Berlin.
>> The magazine section should be used as a space to post articles related
>> to technology based art. It could develop into a future
>> editorial/magazine, including one in print, provided the resources are
>> gathered.
>> The idea came up that the site should also feature a tag cloud for
>> material and human resources with the contacts and places they can be
>> retrieved from.
>> The look of the site may become more dashboard-like in the near future,
>> featuring a selection roll of prominent events of the day, a random user
>> of the day, and the latest magazine and blog entries.
>> The platform was welcomed and applauded by those who attended. Again,
>> thank you Helena and Larissa for the work J
>> Tatiana suggested that the front end design could incorporate elements
>> of the reSource network design to remind that it is a project that was
>> created by members of the resource network and is affiliated to it. The
>> agreement is that this option will be considered for future design
>> changes and that the TBA Berlin and reSource websites will link to each
>> other.
>> The TBA Berlin will continue to evolve according to the direction the
>> members may give it over time, forming its own identity - rooted in, but
>> distinct of the reSource network website, also to allow for membership
>> that may not intersect, i.e. for members that may subscribe only to one
>> of the two platforms. The idea was discussed to create a link between
>> the mailing lists of TBA Berlin and reSource.
>> The reSource website http://www.transmediale.de/de/**resourcewas<http://www.transmediale.de/de/resourcewas>
>> introduced by Tatiana to the attendees during the evening, as some of
>> them were new and attended for the first time. The reSource site is more
>> related to the curatorial thread of the transmediale and features spaces
>> and curators that have been taking part in the transmediale itself or
>> the Vorspiel (a cooperation with art spaces in Berlin that featured
>> technology based art before and during the period of the transmediale).
>> It also features projects and events.
>> Tatiana also explained the origins of the reSource network, and that a
>> mailing list was created on her initiative in August 2012. In June this
>> year the discussion of Vorspiel 2014 will start, and one of the ideas on
>> the table is to have a part of the conference of transmediale dedicated
>> to the resource network.
>> The final part of the evening was used to gather ideas on what the
>> network could do in the future.
>> Some mentioned that it would be great to have a link-list with resources
>> that members could share and that the community should develop a spirit
>> of solidarity, also working on joint projects and develop conceptual
>> co-operations – i.e. 3-4 spaces working on a special issue, and publish
>> the work and articles in an E-Magazine, i.e on the TBA and/or reSource
>> site.
>> As regards becoming more visible as a network in Berlin, the members
>> could print a QR code onto their flyers or promotional material that
>> referred to the events page of TBA and/or resource. Other ideas revolved
>> around promoting the spaces and their events as a printed flyer (index
>> type), or spraying the QR code in the public space. Also, the idea was
>> put forward to develop an online booklet once a year that featured the
>> different spaces and their programs as well as the outlook for the
>> coming year, so that other spaces, curators, artists and the interested
>> public can inform themselves in advance and get involved over the year
>> with the individual spaces and curators.
>> Tatiana mentioned that a PhD student working on Psycho-Geography will
>> start his work on the 26.April and will develop a sound based project
>> connecting the network in the city space.
>> There was also the idea of starting to work with other institutions,
>> such as universities, for the development of joint projects. Some
>> mentioned that it would be desirable to build alliances with local
>> structures, start reaching out to other existing networks and activists
>> such as ‘Stadt neu denken’, the network of berlin art project spaces,
>> ‘haben und brauchen’ - and also to promote the genre of media art /
>> technology based art beyond the museum.
>> The point came up that it would be important to start thinking of
>> developing a joing voice that was able to articulate member’s needs and
>> requirements vis-à-vis the political and administrative levels. Ideas
>> were put on the table to give the network a legal identity in form of an
>> association (e.V.) that can also plan projects and apply for funding
>> from Berlin, the federal structures and the EU. Claudia mentioned having
>> experience in that field.
>> These ideas should now be posted on the forums to be discussed in future
>> meetings and developed by members who have the time, resources, and
>> capabilities.
>> Art Claims Impulse would like to thank everybody for attending and for
>> this fruitful exchange.
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