[resource-net] Last Resource Meeting

Tatiana Bazzichelli tbazz at transmediale.de
Mon Apr 22 17:21:40 CEST 2013

Dear all,

thank you very much for the very well participated reSource network 
meeting! It was great to discuss and share ideas with you - and thanks a 
lot to Pierre and Melanie of Art Claim Impulse for their enthusiasm in 
hosting the night!

As I anticipated to you in the last meeting I extended our sharing of 
ideas to the rest of the transmediale team in order to see in which way 
we could collaborate on the development of the TBA platform, and how 
this could be connected with the reSource blog page: 

At transmediale, we agreed that what is happening right now with the TBA 
platform as a direct development of the reSource network is great! 
However, as I wrote many times, we do not feel that the platform should 
be strictly associated to the festival - or even co-developed by that - 
because this would create problems of identity for many participants 
(who perhaps do not feel strictly associated to the festival too).

So this brings also to the point of how we could connect the reSource 
and the TBA network platform, without risking of branding the latter too 
much as "transmediale". Our opinion is that it would be great to mention 
the "roots" of the development of the reSource network and therefore the 
fact that the network is growing via the TBA from an initial input of 
the reSource transmedial culture berlin - but mentioning this 
development and putting a link to the reSource's blog in the About page 
would be fare enough.

We think that the TBA platform should be able to develop independently 
as one of the projects coming from the reSource network - which is a 
broader network also involving other partners i.e. CTM, Kunstraum 
Kreuzberg Bethanien and the Post Media Lab plus other venues that 
participated to the last Vorspiel but did not come to the reSource 
network meetings yet.
We will be glad to promote the TBA project as much as possible on our 
reSource blog and via other online channels to help spreading its existence.

At the same time, since I am working facilitating the network since its 
start, I will be glad to advice for the development of it and also put 
my effort in making the network grow via transmediale related 
initiatives and beyond (i.e. coordinating the organization of our 
roundtables as I have been doing until now, the next Vorspiel 
initiative, and so on).

I look forward to the minutes of the last network meeting, so that we 
can go on with the collective discussion - we are collecting all the 
past roundtable's minutes so that they will be openly accessible on the 
reSource blog for all network members.

All the best,


Tatiana Bazzichelli // programme curator
reSource transmedial culture berlin // http://www.transmediale.de/resource
BWPWAP - transmediale 2013
29.01 – 03.02, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin // 

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