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Discussing a Phenomenon in the Arts, Humanities and (Neuro-)science.

International Interdisciplinary Conference
5/ 6 July, 2013 
As  a theoretical addition to our ongoing exhibition series SYNAESTHESIA  (October 2012 – July 2013/ http://artlaboratory-berlin.org/home_eng.htm),  Art Laboratory Berlin plans an international interdisciplinary conference  to further explore and theoretically question the field of multisensory  perception.
The  term "synaesthesia", from the Greek "aisthesis"  ("Sensation", "sensory impression") and "syn"  ("together") means the experience of two or more sensory  impressions at the same time. Currently there is a strikingly strong  interest in the coupling of the senses in science, humanities and  in contemporary art. This should come as no surprise: Our daily  life in recent years has been subject to ever more multimedia and  multisensory experiences. Comparing the latest technologies in the  field of communication we come upon the radical technological development  during the last 25 years: music video (text, music, colour), computer  (as „total“ sensory object) and also newest multiple forms  of mobile phones (not only used for calls, but as a photo camera,  music player or text machine, etc.).

It is the aim of Art Laboratory Berlin to grasp the specific impulses 
              of our current complex, synchronous and technologised society on 
              the phenomenon of synaesthesia, with its distinctive form of sensory 
              fluctuation. For the upcoming conference, we are interested in contributions 
              from all scholarly fields – humanities, arts as well as natural 
              and social sciences – regarding both historical positions and 
              contemporary inquiries. We are interested in contributions from 
              scholars on topics such as:

Synaesthesia and the neurological discourse (memory and cognition;  manifold connections of sensory perception); Synaesthesia –  between perception and subjectivity; Synaesthesia as a psycholinguistic  phenomenon (Synaesthesia and language); Synaesthesia from a philosophical  viewpoint; Synaesthetic modalities (Grapheme Synaesthesia; Synaesthesia  of Smell, Taste, Touch, Music, Colour, Form); Synaesthesia in Art  and Cultural History (in Visual Art, Literature, Film and Theatre  / The phenomenon of multisensory perception); Synaesthesia and the  digital world (the phenomenon of synaesthesia in the 21st Century).

Please send your abstract of your research proposal (max. 1-2 pages), 
              with CV + email and postal address as a PDF document to rapp at artlaboratory-berlin.org 
              // deadline: April 29, 2013. 

Keynote  speaker: Hinderk M. Emrich

Conference Concept: Regine Rapp & Christian de Lutz, Art Laboratory 

Scientific partner: AoN-Platform for Art and Neuroscience

Location: Glaskasten, Prinzenallee 33 (next door of Art Laboratory 

The conference is to be considered as a theoretical addition to 
              the ongoing synaesthesia-exhibitions of which several artists will 
              also contribute to the conference. During the conference the guests 
              will be able to study the 4th and last show of the synaesthesia-exhibition 
              series – thus directly presenting the synergy between artistic 
              and scholarly research.
See  also our Sol LeWitt_Symposium, which took place in February 2011  in the Glaskasten-Theater.
Christian de Lutz 
Prinzenallee 34
13359 Berlin

office/ post address:
Nostitzstrasse 12 
10961 Berlin 
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