[resource-net] Laͣͣͣͣͣͣͣst Resource Meeting

helena lingor h.lingor at gmx.de
Thu Apr 18 22:58:42 CEST 2013

Helloeͤͤͤͤͤͤͤ dear resourcers,

first of all: thanks a lot to everyone who was there yesterday for all 
the positive input and energy and thanks a lot to  lovely ART CLAIMS 
IMPULSE for hosting!
There has been many constructive and inspiring discussions visioning the 
character/functionality of the website and the construction work has 
already started.

Many issues still need to be discussed in detail, maybe voted on by the 
whole community.
We touched on many essential questions, not least regarding the 
framework in which tbaberlin will operate.

We will have a better overview when the protocol is ready.

I encourage you again to write down your suggestions and needs regarding 
the website in the forums section. Not only it gives a better overview, 
but others can comment too.


There is different forum categories now:
under "website development" you will find the topics "functionality" and 
there is another forum section called "manifesto development"
I will add a section where the protocols can be archived soon too.

All the best, Helena.


Helena Lingor

Independent Editor


landline: +0049 + (0)30  + 42 80 27 39
cell    : +0049 + (0)176 + 32 07 57 38

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