[resource-net] Looking for an Event Space in June

Das Baumhaus baumhausberlin at googlemail.com
Tue Apr 16 12:40:09 CEST 2013

Dear reSource community members,

We have a nice event called "Emergent Berlin" planned for June 1 at
Rally.org but now Rally has told us that they double booked the space so
now we are looking for a new space for this event.  We would like to find a
new space for our June 1 event but we could also move the date to June 15
or 8.

Emergent Berlin is an event to bring together networks of people in Berlin
who are producing sustainable projects and initiatives together with people
who want to learn about, participate in, collaborate with, support, donate
to and invest in those projects and initiatives.

The idea is to have presentations and workshops during the early part
(first 3 hours) of the event and have a party and project gallery (concepts
printed on paper) open until late.  We would also need a room to screen the
Grimme Award winning series
BerlinFolgen<http://berlinfolgen.2470media.eu/filme.96.de.html> during
the entire event or most of it.

We already have several groups, individuals, and
want to participate in the event.  We also have the Beatkollektiv
DJ's<https://soundcloud.com/beat-kollektiv> and
Megah3rtz VJ's who have confirmed that they would like to participate in
our event.  More details are on our call for participation:

Our idea was to run this event as a non-profit affair and collect donations
throughout the evening.  We have a great seed to offer to whoever wants
something nice for their cultural garden.

Please contact Scott at baumhaus.berlin at gmail.com

Thanks for your help,
Karen & Scott

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