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Dear reSourcers,

I would like to share some upcoming programme informations from 
transmediale side with you. From mid May on *this year's **Vilém Flusser 
resident*, Pinar Yoldas will start her research on the project "An 
Ecosystem of Excess", dealing with speculative biology. Some infos on 
the residency can be found here:

*Pinar Yoldas* is a cross-disciplinary artist and researcher. Her work 
investigates social and cultural systems in regards to biological and 
ecological systems. Lately she has been designing mutations, tumors and 
neoplasmic organs to rethink the body and its sexuality transformed by 
the mostly urban habitats of techno-capitalist consumerism.

*"An Ecosystem of Excess" *is an attempt to create a post-human 
ecosystem, a living community of speculative organisms and their 
environment. The project takes the idea that we are surrounded by 
"man-made extreme environment" as its starting point. A man-made extreme 
environment is a site of excess, where leftovers of our capitalistic 
desires and consumerist actions  are accumulated. Hence junkyards, 
landfills, wastelands are all examples of "man-made extreme environments".
"An Ecosystem of Excess" starts with the Pacific Trash Vortex, (...), a 
site of fusion between nature and culture. (...)  "If life started today 
in the oceans of plastic, what kind of lifeforms would emerge out of 
this contemporary primordial ooze?"

The residency will end in Sept 2013 and it is planned to have some final 
presentations. During the residency we're planning a series of 
workshops, smaller presentations and possibly also a small exhibition.

All best,
transmediale signatur

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